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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 New Year News of Note

It has happened, the New Year has arrived. I was going to bed hours ago, I was pretty sure it would come in without me waiting for it. But......Connor pooped out at 9:00 pm and hit the loft bedroom, Steve made it until 10:00 and hit the bed and Maverick is tucked behind my back in the recliner while I type this newsy note.

If I fell off the "fiscal cliff" I didn't feel it. I can't even imagine what is going to happen or not in the next few days. We are supposed to expect a vote at 3:00-4:00 this morning (Jan 01, 2013). Curiosity will not keep me awake. There is not much I can do to change things, or at least do any more then I already have. I am not politically correct but am politically challenged.

I won't be setting resolutions or goals for the upcoming year. Just a few hopes and prayers for health, happiness, love and family. I am easily pleased with just the simple things in life. But don't look away too long, I have been known to "Put on a Pout" on occasion and that is something to see, you don't want to miss it.

This is a week of enjoying out grandchildren and children (can one really call her 40+ year old sons children?) How about "the boys". Yes, I think that sounds much better.

A lot has been accomplished this year and we are proud of all of it. We have 2 new DIL's and the grandchildren are growing up. Maverick is a happy little dog and my best friend. We also have had way too many losses this year. First Steve's youngest brother, 47, passed away suddenly one evening, then 2 weeks later, Steve's Uncle Ralph passed, and 2 weeks later my BIL passed. All will be missed. Steve's health has remained good and mine, although tenacious, it could be so much worse,  I am grateful for each day I have. 

January 01, 2013, I plan to start out in the studio doing some tidying up, then gathering together all the UFO's and getting them in order to finish.  I want to accomplish a lot this year and I really believe that I must just make myself do these things in order to re-acquaint myself with creative mojo.  I know of at least 11 quilts that need to go into the quilt frame and be quilted, and seriously, I am ready to see these items finished. 

To end this on a positive note, I want to tell some very special people how much they mean to me.

Bente, my sister over on the other side of the world, we have been friends on the web a long time and it makes me happy each day when I think of you. I hope we get to meet someday.

Jenny, a chance meeting and a true friendship that has grown over time. We may not talk often, but you are in my thoughts daily.  Long roads with lots of hills and curves for us both.  We can do what we have to do.  I too hope to meet you someday and seal this friendship up tight. 

Beth and Jodi, you are my champions.  Your notes of encouragement and loving friendships keep me smiling.  I know you 2 have my back no matter what.  Love both of you to pieces.

Jax, you are the daughter I never had.  I wish you were right here with me, sister, I would put your butt to work in a heartbeat.  Hugs and love for everything you are.

Mary, Erin, Cornelia, Teresa, Alex, Kimberly, Dave, Paula, Megan, Ryan, Kevin, Charlie, Sarah just to name a few, you ALL make me happy to do what I do. 

It is time to go on now and get started with this new year.  May it be filled with much love, good health, happy times, friendships and family.  


  1. I hate to say that I was in bed for the ball dropping too.

    The idea of gathering up the UFOs is wonderful. I need to do more of those too.

    Wishing you a blessed new year with good health and happiness.

  2. 2013 is here and we'll face it together--sharing its joys, splitting its troubles. Love you, my friend. xxx Beth

  3. I also missed the bells ringing ,I need my beauty sleep more haha! All the best for 2013 Happy New Year!


  4. Hope this year will be better than last one.
    Warm wishes

  5. Happy New Year Jeanne! I'm with good company as I wasn't waiting for the ball to drop either, hehe. I'm also wanting to knock out some UFOs this year. Take good care of yourself my friend. Wishing you lots of happiness, good health and lots of Blessings in the new year. Lots of Hugs!! xoxo


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