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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happenings at Home

I promised you pictures last night and I took them but then couldn't find my camera cord (Mr. G. had borrowed the camera and of course everything was not where it belonged, in fact it was all found in 3 different places.  But he is a good cook, so we won't fuss at him this time.:)

This is Steve's quilt that didn't get done for Christmas but I have since finished it and he is so happy about it being his.  It won't let me put the two pictures together so you have to use your imagination.

This is my quilt and it goes in second. This one has been debated as to ownership, I made it, it is mine! At least that is my thoughts :) I call it pumpkins and cranberry. Made from Moda Autumn Harvest and Thimbleberrie's Paint (I think). Sewn with Aurifil Thread

 Next up is this Mystery Quilt made last year and finished this past week.  I have forgotten the name of the Moda fabric I used, will have to look it up.  Pretty huh?

This is the next quilt to go in the frame. I made this one just for fun the day I went back to my studio! Merry Christmas to me!  It was a quick and fun one to do.  It is made with vintage Christmas Fabrics from the early 90's.  I love it. 
This is my BIL's (Wally) quilt that I promised him for buying me that sweet Sig Sauer 9mm.  It is ready to be cut some more and then into the machine it goes. Anxious to get it started!  These are 10" blocks that are sewn one on top of the other with batting in between and then it is sewn together and has raw fuzzy seams.  Well I'll just have to take pictures.
And I have been shopping since I have been home.  Went to Bolivar to one of my favorite quilt shops Margie Pearl's!  She has the most delicious fabrics, wools, patterns, books and buttons galore and a very wonderful long long table full of bolts of fabric for $4.00 a yard, oh yeah, $4.00 you read that right. Below is my new pile of Christmas 8 yds for $32.00............  Yep, good day at the fabric store. 

 More to come in a few days.  I have been cutting fabric pieces into FQ's, F8's, 2.5 strips, 5" squares and 4" squares.  



  1. Your quilts are so pretty and what a great deal on those yummy fabrics!!!

  2. Beautiful -- I wonder if I could get someone to buy ME a 9mm if I learn to be a better quilter, lol? I would work SOOOO hard!

  3. Wonderful quilt and have fun playing with your new beautiful fabrics!

  4. What beautiful quilts! I love those jellyroll quilts! I'm glad you made one for yourself, hehe.
    I'm so very happy that you have been up sewing, quilting and buying fabric! What a great sale you found!
    Looking forward to see your next quilt.

    Have a great week!


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