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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

News of Note

Hey to all my blogger peepies!!  I have missed you all so much.  I am finally back up and among the living.  If any of you have had, have, or are thinking about getting the flu, you have my heartfelt sympathy.  I have only been that sick 2 other times in my life.  Since finally getting back on my feet and into my sewing studio I have accomplished a lot and will be adding pictures later today.  Aurifil piecing and quilting is my Mantra for the rest of my time. 

I really would like you all to check out my Meet My Sponsor over there in the right sidebar.  I have introduced a couple of new sponsors and left some hints as to other new sponsors.  Don't yell at me, LOL, I have to have some secrets don't I?   So  just indulge me and take a L@@K and prepare to be amazed!!!  Love you all and so happy to be back. 


  1. Good to see you back!
    Take care!

  2. glad you are better. it's a really bad strain and a lot of people have had it.

  3. Glad your feeling better, my kids are on day 5 of the flu, lots of vomiting and not being able to breath, not so much fun.

  4. So, so thrilled to see a tweet and a blog post from you!! Now I'm off to nose around your sponsors's sites. Yay for them, yay for you, and hooray for feeling better. Is the new year underway at last? xxx Beth

  5. I hear that flu is really nasty this year. Glad that you are feeling better.


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