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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My BFF Marilyn Took Me Shopping

I have so many BFF's, I can't help myself, I just can't pick one.  How could I when I love them all?  Right so my BFF is really BFF's always.

Saturday, Marilyn decided I had holed up in the house long enough and was not buying my excuse of not wanting to go around people yet (afraid of a setback with the nasty URI I had been fighting), so my choices were get dressed and ready or I will dress you and get your ready.  Now I love my BFF but I know how she would have dressed me and I wasn't taking any chances that I might go out in public with flannel pajama bottoms, possibly a tutu or two, mismatched socks AND shoes, a crazy stupid t-shirt, my dirty stinky chore coat, and some butt ugly hat to top me off.  No, I dressed myself and was quite pleased with my choices.  Let's go you guys what are you waiting on?  She had heard about a fabric sale and we HAD to go.  She was not listening to me tell her NO NO NO, I don't have money to spare, No No No I am not buying more fabric or bringing it home until I use up a lot of mine, no no no I really am not in the mood to shop for fabric, oh okay, I'll go along and just look but NO BUYING ANYTHING!  Ha, didn't take me long to forget all the NO, NO's and dive into 14 tables of fabric screaming my name!!!   I did win out on a few of my no-no's, I did not spend money I didn't have, I did not borrow money to spend, so that is in my favor.  Other then all my bellyaching, it was a fun day watching Marilyn spend money hand over fist, helping her pick out fabric, and watching them cut it.  We then went out to eat, which for me was a "hot fudge strawberry sundae"  I had already eaten lunch, they hadn't.  Then we meandered back to the house via all the back roads and enjoying the sunshine.  It was a great time with friends.

We get home and Marilyn asks me if I will refold the fabric so it will fit in shelves like I DO when I get new fabric.  Well yeah, of course I will, who would pass up yet another chance to handle, pet and fondle fabric?  Not this gal.  So later on after much laughter, lots of advice and general bossing around, the fabric was just like she wanted it.  At which point she picks up the fabric and heads to my basement with it.  OH NO YOU DON'T, you sneaky rat.  Some of you might not know that I am on oxygen full time and can't just jump up and run (that is a story for another day), so I get up, get my tubing all squared away and reconnected to the basement tubing, I make it downstairs to see all the fabric on my shelves on the floor!  OMG what the hell are you doing Marilyn? To which she replied, "It is time for you to get off your butt and into your sewing again, so now you have to!"  The woman is nuts but I stuck with it and got most of the fabric back on the shelf including the fabric she had purchased that day which was a gift to get me excited about sewing again.  I think it may have worked.  Thanks Marilyn, you really are a BFF and you don't have to buy me fabric to prove it.

What did you do today?


  1. Aren't BFF's the best people who drive you insane!!!

  2. LOL Anna really has the right description!!! Gotta love your friend who knows you need to get back to creating!


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