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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Did Your Heart Grow Fonder? And Some Giveaways

I have been absent so am curious if the old saying "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is really true or not.  So you tell me.  I know I missed you guys.  Today is going to be a bit about family and giveaways.

We have been busy the last 3 days, or I should say Steve and Marilyn have.  Marilyn is our bff and is a cattle rancher.  She had a 2 yo calf step in a gopher hole and mess up one of his back legs.  Because of this he was not eating well.  Decision was made that he had to be butchered.  He wasn't huge by any means but too nice to just destroy and not butcher.  So butcher we did.  We let him hang and cool for 2 days (more like he froze in the cold).  Yesterday was spent cutting up the meat and grinding it into hamburger.  We ended up with 38 - 1.5 pound packages of hamburger and still have another quarter to finish today.  We all pooped out yesterday.  I ground about 1/3 of the burger and then came in to fix a nice dinner for Steve and Marilyn.  Thank you Marilyn for giving us the steer.

Beyond the butchering, it has been a quiet past two weeks. Somehow a nasty upper respiratory infection snuck in and made me sick.  But I got on antibiotics and now feel fine.  I sure wouldn't wish it on anyone else that's for sure.

Today we finished the last quarter of beef.  Then bff Marilyn says, I know where there is a fabric sale going on, let's go check it out. Not wanting to disappoint her by not going (ever know me to turn down a fabric sale?)  away we went and sure enough, we found a very nice  fabric sale and cleaned up pretty good.  I am pleased with what we got.  We got a mostly Windham Fabric's that are just so gorgeous.  How can anyone complain about 30 - 1/2 yard cuts and 10 - 1 yard cuts for $88.00, that is an average of $3.50 per yard?  Not me that is for sure.

We are back home now, I have been fondling fabric and I have to say, it is sure lovely to fold and rub and smooth fabric.  Now I want to sew tomorrow and I am planning on it.

I have a few giveaways to tell you about. 

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 January 15th through January 29th: Clay Crochet Hooks
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January15th through January 28th: Be.Loved Collection Pack from Fancy Pants Designs.
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January 16 through January 29: Online Lace and Openwork Knitting Workshop from Annie's.
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January 17th through January 31st: Embellishments for Adventurous Sewing
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January 20th through February 2nd: The Beauty of Zentangle from Design Originals
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January 21st through February 4th: Tipping Points Knitting Needles and Yarn
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January 22nd through February 5th: Simple Stitches Crochet
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January 23 through February 5: Custom Skein of Yarn from Yarnia.
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January 23 through February 5: Rimrock Cardigan Kit.
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January 24th through February 7th:  Vintage Design Workshop
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January 27th-February 10th: Two Broads Design Customized Wedding Wear
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January 28th through February 11th:  Timbergrove Scrapbook Paper Set
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January 29th through February 12th: Luxury Yarn from The Fiber of my Being
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January 29th through February 11th: Sew Merry and Bright from Martingale Books.
Enter to win through February 4: Quilting on the Go: English Paper Piecing Projects You Can Take Anywhere
Enter to win through January 28: You Hexie Thing Hexagon Ruler from Julie Taylor

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  1. I have that nasty respiratory thing going on, I cough like I am a dying calf, lol, jk, kind of. Yummy hamburger, you have a great friend in Marilyn not only does she share the meat, she also shops fabric.


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