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Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside Late Sunday Post

The big chill is on here in Missouri as it is in most of the country.  Currently we are -4 with a windchill of -21.  Yes siree Bub, that is cold.

Okay, if you hear that "Big Foot" was spotted south of Warrensburg, trust me when I tell you not to believe it, it is not true.  Was sitting in living room yesterday morning when all of a sudden Steve just started laughing his ass off.  He jumps up and runs around like a crazed addict laughing so hard the tears were rolling.  "What" I asked, of course he was still laughing and couldn't answer.  Finally he settles down and says he has to make a phone call to report a "Big Foot" spotting south of Wsbg.  What? Wha??   He then points at my legs and says there is more hair on them then on the big guy.  Funny Steve, very funny.  Now I don't know about you but in the winter I am in and out of the shower pretty darn fast so I don't freeze to death, which I'm sure could happen at this point in time.  So to stop the ridiculous laughing, snorting and howling, I casually exited the living room and sneaked into the bathroom and shaved the legs.  So let me assure you, the "Big Foot" rumors are not true.  FYI Steve:  Paybacks are hell!

Sitting here late yesterday afternoon and Steve says to me "Hey, go outside and blow bubbles to see if they freeze"!   What, are you nuts man??  You go blow bubbles if you are wanting to do a science project. Geez, the man must have cabin fever.  I assured him that I didn't have any bubbles to blow and thought that surely would soothe the savage beast, but no way.  He is up and banging around in the kitchen.  Me:  "Steve, what are you looking for"?  Steve: "Where are the straws"?  Me:  "We don't have any straws.  You don't need to go outside and blow bubbles, you already have a runny nose."  Steve:  "OMG, that's perfect!!   Me:  "Uh, what's so perfect about a runny nose"?  Steve: (as he is putting on his coat and again laughing like a deranged fool), "I am going out to see if snot bubbles will freeze". Me:  "What kind of hell is this that I am living in with you today"?  I won't gross you out with the outcome.  Geez, the man makes me as crazy as he is......Never a dull moment!

Then there are these crazy cats.  Back a couple of years ago you might remember me talking about the 'drop off cat' that was so afraid of us she moved into the chicken tractor with the baby chicks.  We loved watching her roost at night and all the things chickens do. She still won't eat cat food, she goes in the pen and eats with the chickens.  Well, the little darling blessed us with (said with tongue in cheek) 4 kittens last spring.  They are the most unfriendly, hateful cats I have ever seen.  They think they live on our back deck and that their bed is my wicker rocker.  Early in the fall, they scratched a hole in the swimming pool cover and after playing around with it, ended up making several more holes around the pool cover.  The have really enjoyed the holes they made by playing with each other and surprising each other by popping out of any hole at any time.  As it has gotten cold, I took a blanket out on the deck for them some extra warmth.  I noticed yesterday that the blanket had gone missing, as had the cats so it seemed. Later in the day I saw them emerging from one of the holes in the cover and a thought crossed my mind and I had to check it out.  Sure enough, the four of them had somehow dragged the blanket over the frozen pool cover and into one of the holes and near the air tube that keeps the cover elevated above the water line. They had the cover all scratched up into a nice little bed and were quite satisfied.  All I can figure out is it must have an igloo effect and it is warmer in there.  Other then that, the only other thought was they might just be crazy like Steve.

And a big shout out to the 77, 500 people in Wisconsin that were at the playoff game yesterday.  How is that working for you today?  I think they were nuts but I do have to admire that team loyalty.  Sorry Green Bay, I was rooting for you.  If the Chiefs couldn't go to the Super Bowl, I wanted it to be you.  

What did you do today?


  1. What a cool idea -- if I were home (where I DO have bubbles) I would be checking it out now! As fate would have it, I'm at my sister's house and although she is just as much a grandma as I am, no bubbles or straws in her house. I am deeply disappointed and hope I can get home before the cold weather crisis is past. I LOVE the idea. Even so, I'm happy to skip learning about the nose results. :)

  2. LOL Steve sounds like he keeps life interesting for you! Bubbles freezing...well, I'll have to get some bubbles and try it out if we get cold enough here in eastern Washington.


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