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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Never made it to the studio today. Made vegetable soup and chili, angel food cake with cream cheese frosting and chopped up veggies to snack on during the game.  We lost, but there is always another season.  I will never give up on the Chiefs, I mean after all they put 5 of our players (key players) out of commission, what the hell!  Get well guys, we still need you.  

Steve has been working in his greenhouse.  I understand we have lettuce and kale planted.  I think he may have done some cucumbers as well, I hope so, they are so good when they are fresh.  Can't wait for the greening and blooming  to commence.  
Church in the morning and then sewing for me.  I have some tracing I want to do as well so I have some hand work for up here while watching TV.  Did I tell you that Steve bought me a huge light box at a garage sale and then 2 weeks later came in with an architectural lighted table.  I am in heaven with it. Thank you Mr. G.  

What did you do today

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  1. Love your positive attitude. That was one heck of a game and a painful loss.


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