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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tickled on Tuesday

Just couldn't help but laugh at myself coming up with my quirky post titles.  No one ever accused me of being a straight laced person, always a little too close to the edge of silliness is what I hear.  Hey, I say laugh at me, laugh with me, laugh about me, but don't laugh alone, come on over and we can laugh together.  I know the site isn't doing much but it will soon.  Need all you guys to really jump in here to get my numbers up.

Hello Sue from Alderwood Quilts
I stumbled into a  new blogger friend (new to me that is) today and she is having a really sweet giveaway for this month.
The March giveaway is WEEKEND WONDERS.

This is a 16-page pattern booklet with instructions for 5 beginner-level quilts along with quilting basics. Great book for the new quilter or for an experienced quilter who is looking for a quick project that looks great.. 
Why not run on over to Sues place and follow her and like her on facebook and all the good stuff that goes along with the "entering to win" process. 

PS:  Sue raises lavender on her farm and has product for sale on her web page.  I so love lavender, I could have it all over my house and yard and never ever get tired of it.  There are only 2 smells that are sweeter (and this is just my opinion) a new born baby and lilacs in the spring.  No offense Sue, 3rd place isn't too bad is it?  Glad I stumbled into your store today. 


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