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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Introducing Homespun Hearth Quilt Shop

Hello followers, I am so glad you dropped in. Grab a cuppa and sit a spell with me. I have so much to tell you.

Homespun Hearth Quilt Shop is one of my very favorite online quilt shops. They carry a wide variety of fabrics and wools. They are always up to date on the new fabrics. I have never not been able to find what I want need when I shop at Homespun Hearth Quilt Shop.  This shop is all about customer service and satisfaction. The gals go above and beyond to make sure the customers leave but are already planning the return trip to Homespun Hearth

Homespun Hearth Quilt Shop is also my new sponsor. They are so great to work with and I believe we are going to have a great relationship. They sure have been instrumental in helping me get my Christmas Stocking Surprise up and ready to go on Friday, November 25th.

By any chance do any of you know who this gal is?
This very busy and fast lady is "Quinny" and what Quinny says goes. Watch for her while you browse through all the wonderful areas of Homespun Hearth. You will see this image
and that means there is something special going on. She hides out each week, so you have to really shop around to find her.  But I promise, she will not lead you astray. At least she hasn't me yet.  So be sure to make friends with Quinny and follow her around to find the specials.
Speaking of specials, starting today, Homespun Hearth will be having a "5 Days of Giving" event and it is something you don't want to miss. I mean what kind of a suh-weee-t deal is this "Spend $25 and get $25 back?"  Or how about adding this to the sweetness, "Spend $75 and get another $10 instant cash back?"  You could get $75 worth of product for $40.  Like I said Suh-weee-t deal. You can be sure my credit card will be all warmed up and ready. So get yourself all geared up and check out this great "5 Days of Giving" today and the next four days.

So today is the day to eat and shop while the guys watch football or play football. Start your online shopping experience at Homespun Hearth Quilt Shop, it will be the best of the day!

Do any of you watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?  I have for as long as I can remember, wouldn't miss it for the world. We will be with my son, his wife and our grandsons, along with various other family members to share in our Thankfulness. I completed my assigned food tasks about an hour ago and I am pretty beat. I mean, good grief Charlie Brown 7 pies, 2 pumpkin, pecan, chocolate, coconut creme and 2 sugar free, crust free, made of butternut squash, "Steve's Healthy Pumpkin Pie". Believe it or not, it is very good.  Oh and then there were the 3 pans of fudge, chocolate with black walnuts, peanut butter and white chocolate with English Walnuts. OMGosh it is all so good.

To all my wonderful followers, new and old, have a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe if you are on the road because I depend on you being here with me.


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  1. Just want to chime in with some love for Homespun Hearth. They are wonderful.


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